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  • Mark's experience in the Engineering and Construction industry let him talk our language. It was easy to communicate our desired outcome for the workshop which resulted in getting the program we wanted and needed vs a generic hand holding exercise that produces no lasting value.

    The value delivered was being able to do a deep dive into the alignment issues we were experiencing without making it personal or without any blame. The team to a person were happy with the time they invested and the benefit that was gained. Myself and my client counterpart will use Tercon's services for our follow up sessions.
    Gerald Humphrey, Retired - LNG Consultant
  • I interacted with Mark over a period of 3 to 4 years through Project-wide senior management planning sessions and within my own team's regular mid-year and end of year team reviews. Mark facilitated these sessions and always provided excellent professional support and broader insight into team and group dynamics. One of the things I enjoyed most about working with Mark was his guidance and support in planning for the events, his depth of experience ensured we always had a good focus around the themes and messaging we were looking to share with the team. We started working with Mark in the early days when we were forming our project team and he shared his knowledge around individual and group behaviour patterns so we could work towards achieve a high performing team. The team enjoyed his style of delivery and depth of experience and a high level of trust and familiarity was developed over the years. Barbara Marks, Quarantine Operations Manager, Kellogg Joint Venture Gorgon

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