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A global, professional services firm, focusing on:

Leadership development and coaching:

The essence of Leadership development and coaching is building self-awareness of what the leaders style is and how it is received by their actual team. In effect, it is an examination of communication styles, cultural influences, problems solving and thinking leading to a confidential exploration of options to expand and build on how the leader interacts with different people, teams, and clients or stakeholders.

Team and organizational effectiveness:

The focus of team and organizational effectiveness is working with a team to make their communication styles, conflict management approaches, decision processes and change management processes visible to them. The initial step in this adventure is building the awareness of the teams natural styles and making "what is working" and "what is not working" visible to them. In addition, most teams have one or more objectives that they are working collectively to accomplish. Building alignment to these objectives at a leadership team level as well as cascading the objectives down one to two levels will knit the team together by giving them a common perspective for decision making and communication.

Program/project management and support:

We then work with project teams to examine the existing team dynamics and explore areas for improvement within their team. In essence, most teams have processes to manage Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, and Safety. The soft skills associated with these, Communication, Decision Making, Conflict Management and Change Management are the enablers for those processes to be robust. Efficient decision making that effectively involves the whole team will maximize the strengths of the team while helping them mitigate weaknesses. Efficient effective decision making combined with communication to the broader team is worth a lot of money and time to a leadership team.

Strategic partner alignment and alliance governance:

These days, the necessity of bringing the resources of multiple teams from multiple organizations often from multiple cultures means that it is no longer good enough to just have a well-functioning, well aligned internal team. The internal teams of multiple organizations must come together to work "as one team" and often across multiple projects. Each team and each company has an unstated "way we do things" that we often describe as their culture. It is critical that teams explore these cultural differences in areas of Communication, Decision Making, Conflict Management and Change Management so that issues can be made visible and a common approach can be identified. One additional area of development is in the area of TRUST. While groups of folks within a team have often worked together for years, the interfaces beteen teams are new and effort must be consciously made to build trust.