HCI Workflow


HCI conducts one-on-one interviews with select participants from each of the leadership(s) teams to identify and prioritize specific areas for improvement related to the project team's effectiveness and in particular, the interfaces amongst them. We then customize the alignment workshops to incorporate key findings and examples from the discovery interviews.


The primary methodology for team development is to work with the collective leadership team on the key issues for improvement. We often work with in turn with the leadership team members to cascade the key messages down into the teams that report to the leadership team in addition to identifying and working on issues that they themselves are experiencing.


Whether it be a team workshop, training in transferable skills, or individual leadership coaching and development, we work with the client to ensure that the implementation is cost effective and timely.


The follow-up in 3-6 months to determine progress, clarify methods, and to identify additional alignment and development that is needed is critical to capturing the value and reinforcing behaviors.


All project teams experience continuous change in terms of personnel, changes in objectives and technical challenges. The need for alignment of the existing team to current (often refined) objectives is critical to keeping large teams performing optimally.