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The mission of HCI is to work with senior business and project leadership to develop their teams into High Performance project Teams.

Who we are

Shortly About Our Company

My philosophy is that the project leaders role is to take a team of excellent individual talent and turn them into an all-star team. The challenge is to identify the communication plan, decision making process, change management process, and escalation policies that will be used by the team to manage and deliver your capital projects scope, on schedule, on cost, at the desired quality, and safely.

We value every component of a project team whether it be members of the owner's team or contractors working for the EPC firm.

One size does not fit all. We address the specific needs of each project, each project leader and each project team. Each project is different in scope, schedule, budget and complexity. Each leader is different. Each team is different. Therefore, a uniquely tailored approach should be developed for each.

Project team development is an investment. If you treat project teams and their development as an asset, they will behave and perform as a value-adding investment, producing tangible returns related to HSE, cost, time, and quality performance.

Project leader and project team development is a process, not an event. Development must occur on a just-in-time basis from the earliest parts of a project right through to completion and handoff.

Client engagement is critical to success. During all phases of the project lifecycle, the entire organization must demonstrate commitment to the system in terms of accessibility, measurement, sharing of feedback, and supporting / taking action as appropriate.

  1. Discover
  2. Design
  3. Implement
  4. Measure
  5. Sustain
  6.

Why People Choose Us

Because our straightforward, hands-on and practical approach to:
  • Developing resources for high performance outcomes
  • Accelerating leadership development to meet business challenges
  • Implementing customized solutions for emerging needs
  • Maximizing integration / contributions of diverse team leaders
  • Balancing human capital investment relative to enterprise demands
  • Anticipating and avoiding unintended, adverse consequences
  • Supporting overall improvement in execution and tangible results
  • Sustaining alignment with enterprise values, culture and processes

Companies Benefitting from the HCI Program